Individual Music Therapy  sessions are designed to address the needs of each client.  This may include addressing their social, behavior, communication, cognitive, leisure, physical and sensory motor skills. A music therapy assessment takes place initially to explore the individual’s needs, musical interests and abilities.  The client’s goals and objectives are also planned at this time. Reports are written monthly or quarterly to review the client’s progress. We work with infants through adults. 

STL Rockabilities provides music therapy services to adults and adolescents utilizing a “Rock Band” format.  This program is open to individuals of all abilities and levels of musicianship. The STL Rockabilities program provides individuals with adapted music lessons, and then groups individuals into a 4 to 5 member rock band ensemble.  Through this format individuals work on social skills, self esteem, following directions, listening skills, team work, decision making, as well as, learning to play an instrument in a fun social environment.

Group Music Therapy uses music and music based activities to address skills such as following directions, taking turns, and attending to task. Activities may include playing a variety of rhythm instruments, singing, action songs, and learning songs about social, behavior and cognitive skills.

Infant and Toddler Music Time is designed for babies and toddler of all ability levels. The group activities incorporate music, sign language, cognitive and communication activities, instrument play and gross motor  movement tasks. Developmentally appropriate skills are targeted.  The group provides interaction with peers and also a bonding experience for mom, dad, caregiver and child.

Music Therapy in Special Education is appropriate when services are educationally necessary for the student to benefit from their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Midwest Music Therapy Services has been providing contract services to school districts in the St. Louis area since 2000.

Midwest Music Therapy Services’ Internship Program is an AMTA National Roster Internship Program. Students CLICK HERE for more information!

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Midwest Music Therapy Services was started in January 2000 by Maria Carron to provide quality music therapy services in the St. Louis Area.  We currently contract with 14 board certified music therapists to provide music therapy services to local school districts, as well as in-home group and individual services.  Midwest Music Therapy Services is a vendor with the State of Missouri’s Department of Mental Health.  We are strong supporters of inclusion and feel children of all abilities can learn from each other. Midwest Music Therapy Services’ mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and their families, by providing quality music therapy services in St. Louis, Missouri and throughout the Midwest.