Music Group in Demun

Come sing, dance and play instruments with your infant or toddler. Music Group in Demun takes place every Friday morning from 10:00 to 10:45. There is no enrollment  or instrument fee to join our group. You can try the first group out for free. So come enjoy a morning in the pleasant Demun Neighborhood with your child.  The group is located near coffee shops, the St. Louis Zoo and a children’s park.

Drop in and check it out!

2013 Fall Group Programs

STL Rockabilities provides music therapy services to adults and adolescents utilizing a “Rock Band” format.  This program is open

to individuals of all abilities and levels of musicianship. The STL Rockabilities program provides individuals with adapted music lessons, and then groups individuals into a 4 to 5 member rock band ensemble.  Through this format individuals work on social skills, self esteem, following directions, listening skills, team work, decision making, as well as, learning to play an instrument.

Maybe you are a teen or adult already working individually with a music therapist, or maybe you have no past music experiences, but you love music and want to make friends. This is the group for you.  Our music therapist will assess your musical interests, needs and music background.  Determine if you are ready for placement in a band or if you should start with adapted lessons.

Our Summer program includes 8 week session on Wednesday & Thursday evenings. Individuals will meet 1 time each week for a 50 minute class.  The class will involve 1:1 or 2:1 instruction and group band practice.  Participants will learn 2 songs during the 8 week session, and perform for family and friends during the final class.

STL (St. Louis) Rockabilities

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Group Location:  6348 S. Rosebury Ave.  Clayton, MO 63105 

Contact: Maria Carron, MT-BC . 314-960-0475 . 6614 Clayton Rd #179 . St. Louis, Missouri 63117

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